The Eternal Litigation: The Autonomous status of Madeira and its challenges

  • Francisco Manuel Gomes Universidade de Cádis
Keywords: Autonomy, Constitution, Litigious, Madeira, Constitutional Review


The Autonomous status of Madeira is one of the most important achievements of the democratic regime that
emerged from the Revolution of April 1974, and its relevance in the Portuguese political-constitutional structure has
been affirmed throughout the brief history of Portuguese Democracy. Nevertheless, it is a mistake to assume that the
Autonomous Process is a finalised phenomenon. In addition to being a reality that takes place on a setting of constant
evolution and deepening, there are still several legal and constitutional barriers that unjustifiably restrict the Madeirans’
self-government, limiting the political dialectic between regional governing bodies and institutions of governance of the
Republic. For this reason, it is necessary to reflect on the challenges Madeira’s Autonomy faces today, and to suggest means
to deepen it within a framework of strengthening national cohesion.


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Gomes, F. (2018). The Eternal Litigation: The Autonomous status of Madeira and its challenges. Perspectivas - Journal of Political Science, 19, 9-22.