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  • Vol. 3 (2010)

    Volume 3 of Perspectivas commemorates a new phase of NICPRI - Research Center in Political Science and International Relations, marked by an interinstitutional alliance that brought together researchers from University of Minho and University of Évora with interests focused on the fields of research in Political Science, International Relations and European Studies.
    This union was celebrated with a Research Seminar held in Évora in October 2008, titled “Europe, Portugal and the Challenges of Globalization: Transdisciplinary Perspectives”. This Seminar results in a double issue of the journal, which includes most of the communications presented.

  • Vol. 2 (2006)

    In the year the Treaty of Rome commemorates its fiftieth anniversary and Portugal takes over, for the third time in its Community history, the Presidency of the European Union, the volume 2 of Perspectivas has given priority to topics focusing on the process of European integration. It is not a thematic issue, but open to various contributions that, beyond the domain of the community, seek to help reflection on matters of current interest and scientific relevance.

  • 30 years of International Relations
    Vol. 1 (2005)

    The publication of the first volume of Perspectivas marks the 30th anniversary of higher education studies in International Relations at University of Minho, the pioneer institution in this area in Portugal, and marks the beginning of an ambitious project aimed to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Political Science in general and in International Relations in particular.

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